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Insurance is a personal relationship business and doing business on the Internet removes this aspect from the process. Because we feel that it is an important aspect, we'd like to use this as an opportunity to let our visitors know a little about us, so you know who you are doing business with. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us and look forward to providing you with your insurance needs.


My name is Jarrod Snow. I graduated from high school in Rhode Island and joined the Marine Corps in 1997. Over the next nine years I worked my way to the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6), completed two deployments to the Gulf, and spent 2 years in Japan. While on my final cruise in the Gulf I met my wife to be (it's a funny, "cutsy" story and if you have been in the military you know how taboo this is; she was in the Navy). During my final cruise overseas I decided it was time to pursue new ventures in life; so I got out of the Marines and enrolled in San Diego City Community College. From there I transferred to San Diego State University with an emphasis in business administration. My wife and I spent two years in San Diego while she completed her four years of service and then moved to her home state of Illinois.

From SDSU, I transferred to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to complete a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. I'm the first in my family to graduate from college (and high school) so it is an important aspect to me. While pursuing a degree at SIUE I had a great opportunity to intern with Lt. Governor Pat Quinn's office during the "scandal"; it was when he transitioned to Governor Quinn- it was a very cool time to be an intern. Upon graduation, which was at the height of the economic downturn, I spent about a year floundering around searching for a job- to no avail; so I put in an application for the MBA program at University of Missouri St. Louis, with an emphasis on Logistics and Supply Chain. I completed four courses, but due to financial needs had to exit school and search for a job.

My first job out of school was in insurance sales. It was a great opportunity to learn about the business, but I found that there were too many grey areas and I didn't like the level of persistence that was required to succeed; I didn't like being "pushy" or working with fellow sales associates that at times seemed to "arm-twist" to make a sale. So I made a graceful exit and began working with a company that owned approximately 1300 domains. This introduced me to website developement and design, which I found extremely interesting and have become very passionate about. However, the company relocated so I found myself back in the job market. My day job is now part of the purchasing department for a company in the waterworks industry, while I moonlight with website development and design. After a bit of research I found that this domain was available and felt it would be a great opportunity to stay in the insurance business, without the arm twisting, while also allowing me to pursue my passion for website design and development. I am hoping that in time this site will provide me with the opportunity to make this a full time career.

Setting aside the business aspects of my life, and getting back to my wife and family, we have four children; Haley, Alex, Jayden and Chase. They are ultimately what drive my decision making process. Every parent wants a better life for their children. My vision for this site, is established based on me wanting to be able to be home for them when they get out of school, wanting to be able to be there for their sports games, plays, practices, and daily life.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us; for the opportunity to add a little bit of personalization to the impersonal nature of insurance on the Internet.

Thank you and we hope you find our site useful for your insurance needs,

Jarrod Snow

My wife and I with our children:

My wife and I with our children