Funeral Insurance

Why Have A Funeral Insurance Plan?

With today's expenses constantly and steadily increasing, it has never been much smarter and wiser to have a Funeral Insurance plan.

Aside from relieving families and loved ones from financial burdens upon the death of an individual, good funeral insurance also provides peace of mind and eases emotional stress to families who are already burdened with the grief of losing someone they love.

A Funeral Insurance cover, also called as burial insurance, can really help ease the financial pressure on your family as it can provide a payout, paying the cost of your funeral, when your family needs it most generally within 24 hours of receiving your completed claim form. Applying is also simple, swift, and easily affordable with acceptance guaranteed to permanent Australian residents aged 17-80.

Basically, funeral insurance is a pre-paid funeral plan which provides cash benefit that your family can use to help cover the costs associated with a funeral — the casket, burial plot, flowers, transport, and more ? helping make dealing with the loss of a loved one easier financially.

Benefits of Funeral Insurance Plan

  • Guaranteed acceptance and cover for Australian residents aged between 17 to 80

  • Cover guaranteed from $3,000 up to $15,000.

  • You're in control as you can choose a premium and flexible payment option to suit your needs and budget. You can even link it to pension or payday.

  • In the event of an accidental death, cover is up to $45,000 ? though you're covered for accidental death only in the first 12 months and all causes of death thereafter

  • No health questions to answer

  • Your policy never expires

  • You can help provide for your family in their time of need from just a minimum of $2.95 a week. You can even pay monthly or fortnightly at no extra cost.

  • Claims are generally paid out within 24 hours of receiving completed requirements, providing the money when it's needed most.

  • has a hassle-free application – there's no medical exam and it takes just a few minutes

  • After age 90 your cover continues FREE.

  • A FREE easy-to-use Will Kit is also provided that could help save your family from unnecessary stress, as well as money in legal fees.

Why buy funeral insurance rather than life insurance?

Though both intend to provide financial relief upon the death of an individual, Life insurance and Funeral insurance are two very different types of insurance policies.

So why should you buy funeral insurance rather than life insurance?

If you want your funeral to be paid in advance, giving you the chance to have a say to what will happen to you when you die and ensuring that you will have a decent enough funeral and burial, then you should buy Funeral Insurance plan.

Moreover, a burial insurance has no cash value for the policy giving no chance to borrow against. This is opposite life insurance which has the potential for the accumulation of cash value for the policy and an opportunity for this cash to be drawn out.