Insurance Glossary of Terms

Health Insurance: Health insurance is coverage that helps to offset and cover expenses incurred in the event we need to visit the doctor or hospital. Legislation has been recently passed that requires everyone in the US to have health insurance.

Life Insurance: Life insurance provides financial support to your family when you pass away. Today, many families rely on two incomes and when one of us passes away, not only do we confront the loss of a loved one, but we also take on additional financial burdens; especially if we do not have life insurance coverage in place.

HMO: An HMO is a health maintenance organization. It is a kind of health insurance that offers many kinds of health care services to its members. In return, the members pay a fixed cost each month for these services.

PPO: A PPO is a preferred provider organization, which is a health plan that has contracts with a network of "preferred" providers from which you can choose.

PCP: A PCP stands for primary care physician.